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Site Work & Earthwork 

Among VC Construction's various skills and specialties are site work and earthwork. Our skilled operators are trained with a high level of expertise in grading, excavation, trenching and back-fill. Prepare sites and construct building pads, along with underground utilities and septic. We are able to import/export material and various types of demolition work.

Our company serves residential, commercial, wind and solar sites. No matter the scope of your project, we have what you need to get the job done right the first time.

Wind & Solar 
Construction Services

VC Construction has significant experience in Wind and Solar sites of all various sizes. We can provide, but not limited to; road maintenance, hydro-statically clean out culverts, installation of gates, cattle guards, straw wattle, silt and/or wire fence, along with desert tortoise exclusion fencing. 

Our company is conscientious of the environment and the surrounding wildlife inhabitants (plants and animals).

We work well alongside the project biologists and comply with their needs.


Erosion & Sediment 
Control Services

VC Construction is highly skilled in providing slope and soil restoration, along with proper drainage to landscape and the native plant community. Our management practices at construction sites can be characterized as those intended to prevent erosion and those that  control sediment loss. We achieve

this by using methods such as; straw wattles, silt fence, sediment traps, drainage control, etc. Our company is knowledgeable and experienced in implementing SWPPP BMP's.

Protecting the environment is very important to us.



We are located in the beautiful mountain community of Tehachapi CA, Kern County.


VC Construction first began as a sole proprietorship, owned and operated by Vic and Jopha Calanchini, licensed in the state of California in 2007 as a general building contractor, later adding on additional licensing in earthwork (C-12) and fencing (C-13).

The company continued to grow and in 2013 the business was established as a corporation, now known as, Calanchini Inc dba

VC Construcion, by owners Vic Calanchini, Pres./CEO and Jopha Calanchini, VP/Sec. 

VC Construction has built a reputation of quality work, making sure the job is done right the first time. We also deliver construction solutions that go beyond a finished project, giving our clients exceptional service.

VC Construction takes a responsible approach to every project and is dedicated to bringing our clients maximum cost savings while minimizing the environmental impact at every stage of work. Our management team strives to complete projects punctually and ahead of schedule providing ideal outcomes for our valued clients.

Safety is a must! VC Construction ensures a safe work environment by developing and enforcing comprehensive workplace practices. Every employee, staff and crew members are required to attend safety meetings, training programs, and be familiar with OSHA safety regulations.


VC Construction prides itself by our creativity, to think "outside of the box", and to deliver winning solutions for our clients. Our work is our art and we demonstrate that by showing attention to detail, and giving the highest quality behind every client account and company project.





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